Key dates and expected on-campus attendance for the USA’s 50 largest colleges


Spring semester 2021 college attendance won't look like Spring 2020 or even Spring 2019. It's critical companies that sell to young people access verified intelligence on each university’s COVID volume of on-campus full time students and all the key dates to ensure their demand forecasts are accurate.

With almost every campus implementing their own pandemic policy impacting the amount of students on-campus, businesses can no longer rely on the usual volume of young people turning up to study in spring as they did in 2019 and before. That’s why we’ve published this report of impactful details about the USA’s largest 50 colleges in Spring and Summer 2021.

PredictHQ’s Academic Events category tracks the key dates of every US college with more than 5,000 students. Because there are no standard dates for tertiary educations across the USA, or even year structures with some having semesters and some trimester, previously companies would have to track each relevant university manually. We are the only centralized source of this data, and it is verified, standardized and forecast quality.

Yet key dates and pandemic policies continue to evolve rapidly. For example, in December, an increasing volume of institutions were cancelling Spring Break, which often caused semester start and end dates to shift by a week or more.

Companies use our Academic Events category to:

  • Ensure they have the right volume of staff on to meet demand. During the pandemic, this has often meant scheduling fewer staff due to lower demand as students stay home, saving these substantial money.

  • Calibrating inventory, such as ingredients for quick-serve retail chains, to minimize waste while ensuring customers can still rely on their company to provide their favorite order. This avoids losing customer loyalty, wastage and having to expensively ship excess inventory or to fill gaps.

You can access the key Spring semester dates and expected student populations for the 50 largest colleges in the US in this report compiled in early December with details on:

Check out the report by downloading it here. It also covers how to use this demand intelligence in forecasting, and our team would love to assist you to make the most of our Academic Events category.

Colleges covered in the report:

1. Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

2. The University of Texas at Austin

3. Tarrant County College District

4. The Ohio State University - Columbus Campus

5. Texas A&M University - College Station Campus

6. Pennsylvania State University

7. University of Central Florida

8. Indiana University - Bloomington

9. Purdue University - Main Campus

10. University of Houston

11. Michigan State University

12. The University of Arizona

13. Temple University

14. University of North Texas - Denton

15. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

16. University of Florida

17. Mt. San Antonio College

18. University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

19. Rutgers University - New Brunswick Campus

20. Florida State University

21. University of Wisconsin-Madison

22. University of California - Los Angeles

23. The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

24. University of California,Berkeley

25. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

26. California State University - Fullerton Campus

27. University of Washington - Seattle Campus

28. University of California - Davis

29. University of California - San Diego

30. Brigham Young University

31. University of California - Irvine

32. California State University, Northridge

33. San Diego State University

34. The University of Alabama

35. Texas Tech University

36. California State University Long Beach

37. University of Georgia

38. University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

39. The University of Texas - Arlington Campus

40. University of Maryland

41. Iowa State University

42. Louisiana State University and

Agricultural & Mechanical College

43. Utah Valley University

44. University of Cincinnati - Clifton Campus

45. University of South Carolina Columbia

46. University of Colorado - Boulder Campus

47. San Jose State University

48. Virginia Commonwealth University - Monroe Park Campus

49. Texas State University - San Marcos Campus

50. University of South Florida - Tampa Campus