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Alerts Inbox: Bugs Fixed and New Features Added

We’ve squashed some bugs and added a couple of new features to Alerts in our web app. Read all about our latest updates below.

Bugs squished

No one likes bugs. App bugs that is. Some people actually like creepy crawlies… like entomologists.  But app bugs? No one likes those. So if you were experiencing problems with not receiving alerts recently, rest assured that this has been resolved along with a couple of other issues too such as:

  • Bulk actions
    • Mark your alerts as read, unread, star them, un-star them, archive, un-archive or even delete them to keep your inbox nice and tidy. You can now do all these actions – in bulk.

Alerts bulk actions

  • Filters
    • You can now sift through your alerts for the ones you’re specifically interested in or for that alert you saw the other day but forgot to do something about.
    • Filter by type e.g. event category or project & task as well as location, and ranks.

Alerts Filters

New features

After taking care of those bugs, we slipped in a couple of new features to help you keep on top of the notifications you receive.

1. Reminders

  • We’ve added a “Reminding” section so you can easily view all the event alerts that you’ve set a reminder for.
  • So, received an alert about an event a bit too early but you want to be told about it again? No worries. Set a reminder to get alerted again on another date and time of your choosing.
  • Click the clock icon to see what date and time you set your reminder for, to edit or remove your reminder.

2. Sort by (ascending/descending):

  • Alerted date – as in when you were sent the notification.
  • Last edited – if you add or remove reminders, star, un-star, archive, un-archive or mark an alert as read or un-read, these actions are considered edits.
  • Start date – of the event.
  • PHQ rank – of the event.

3. Labels

  • If you archive or set a reminder you’ll now see a label against that Alert in your lists.
  • Archived – means that you’ve archived the alert.
  • Reminding – means that you’ve set a reminder for the alert and so we’ll be reminding you of it at the date and time of your choosing.
  • Reminded – after we’ve reminded you about the alert you were interested in, the label will change from “reminding” to “reminded”.

Alerts new features


We’ve got more exciting updates coming up in the new year… all I’m gonna say is “event detail pages” and “event labels”. Stay tuned!

In the mean time let us know what other new features you’d like to see for Alerts in the comments below.

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