Aviation Insights Report – June 2019

Published on May 14, 2019
Dr. Ali Gazala
Data Scientist

Analysis of Airline Booking Patterns and Events Impact

Golf shoes, jet planes and Yosakoi clapper dancers – June’s largest events are colorful but there are also several smaller, easy-to-miss events that will have major impact on air travel.

PredictHQ aggregates, verifies and ranks millions of real-world events. Our ranking algorithms mean demand forecasting teams know in advance which events will have the most impact. However, events impact can vary for different kinds of businesses and industries. Therefore, we’re gearing up to launch our new ranking algorithm specifically optimized for the aviation industry.

Aviation Rank™ is our automated artificial intelligence model that identifies the additional ticket bookings each event will cause. You can sign up for more information and early access. This is powerful demand intelligence because it reveals smaller events with big impact, effectively unlocking profits hiding in plain sight.

For example, the BIO International Convention will attract about 16,000 people to Philadelphia in early June. It’s far from the most attended event in June, but its high Aviation Rank™ means it should be a priority for airline demand forecasters.

Aviation Rank™ reveals while BIO International is a significant event for most businesses, it’s a major event for airlines. This is because most of the attendees will fly in for the event, including at least 6,000 flying internationally – generating at least $16 million in ticket sales.

BIO International is also a recurring event that changes location each year. This means teams relying on historical data alone are likely preparing for multi-million dollar surge in bookings to Boston (the 2018 venue) and are likely to miss the 2019 spike in bookings to this year’s venue in Philadelphia.

BIO International is just one of many of these kind of events, with both ITMA in Barcelona and METEC in Dusseldorf being similarly sized, recurring events that draw large international crowds.

Our Predicted Impactful Events

The following table highlights events we expect to have a high potential impact on air travel patterns during June 2019:

DateLocationEvent NameExpected Attendance
3 – 6 June, 2019Philadelphia, United StatesBIO International Convention16000
5 – 9 JuneSapporo, JapanYosakoi Soran Festival2000000
13 – 16 JuneHouston, United StatesAnime Matsuri40000
10 – 16 JunePebble Beach, United StatesUS Open Golf Championship200000
17 – 23 JuneParis, FranceParis Air Show325450
20 – 26 JuneBarcelona, SpainITMA123000
25 – 29 JuneDusseldorf, GermanyGIFA48000
25 – 29 JuneDusseldorf, GermanyMETEC17000

PredictHQ tracks both scheduled events such as the above, as well as unscheduled events such as airport delays, disasters, terrorist attacks and severe weather. Because event data changes so often and new events are added constantly, we update our API every minute to ensure its accuracy.

As mentioned above, we will soon be launching Aviation Rank™, which has been tailored for the needs of airlines to understand each event’s potential impact on flight bookings.

Be sure to follow this series in our blog for our next travel insights update, and start your conversation with us about our API of demand intelligence.