Aviation Insights Report –September 2019

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Analysis of Airline Booking Patterns and Events Impact

There are thousands of major impact events for airlines taking place this September. And in early September, PredictHQ subscribers will be able to use our soon-to-be-launched Aviation Rank™ to make sure they never miss a single one.

Aviation Rank™ is our new ranking system customized for airlines. We are launching it in early September to equip airlines with the demand intelligence they need to know exactly which events require updated load factor plans. It will enable revenue analysts to stop losing hours each week googling upcoming events and guessing their potential impact. We will be able to share full details shortly and you can sign up here to be among the first to hear them.

Below is our data team’s selection of some of the highest impact events for airlines, selected from thousands of events with high Aviation Rank™ scores.

Anyone in demand forecasting knows the Rugby World Cup kicks off in Japan in late September, but how many know a major furniture and design conference is taking place in Helsinki, while six times as many travelers head to Donbirn, Austria, for the annual Autumn festival? Our (confident) guess is almost no one without PredictHQ’s data.

Our Predicted Impactful Events


Event Name Date Location Expected Attendance
Dornbirn Autumn Fair 4 – 8 Sept Donbirn, Austria 73,500
ADA Annual Meeting 4 – 8 Sept San Francisco, US 16,868
Habitare 11 – 15 Sept Helsinki, Finland 60,000
Oracle OpenWorld 15 – 19 Sept San Francisco, US 60,000
Rugby World Cup 20 Sept -2 Nov Japan 1,000,000
INTERBOOT 21 – 29 Sept Friendrichshafen, Germany 90,700
TCT Conference 25 – 29 Sept San Francisco, US 12,000
European Respiratory Society International Congress 28 Sept – 2 Oct Madrid, Spain 22,828

There are more than 20,000 major impact events in PredictHQ’s demand intelligence every month. Every event is cleansed, verified and ranked with three different ranking systems – PredictHQ Rank™, Local Rank™ and Aviation Rank™. You can find out more about how our ranking systems work here.

Be sure to follow this series in our blog for our next travel insights update, and start your conversation with us about our API of demand intelligence here.

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