Event Pages Get a Makeover

Published on January 12, 2016
Yen Lim
Former Chief Product Officer

Get the low down

When you’re looking up events in PredictHQ, there may be an event that catches your eye and you want to view more details about it. Aside from just letting you know the name of the event, event pages give you a basic summary so you can glance through to get an idea of what, when and where the event is happening.

At the very basics, event pages contains:

  • Event name

  • Location of the event

  • Date of when the event is on

  • Duration

  • Timezone

  • Category

  • PHQ Rank

With our latest update, when it’s applicable (and if the information is available), event pages now further include:

  • Labels

  • A description of the event

  • Address information

  • Venue information such as, venue name, website link, description, images – even seating capacity

  • Performer information such as, name, website link, description, images or links to social media pages

It’s an example of how we connect and enrich our event data, so you can get complete event visibility, saving you time from searching for the additional information yourself.

What else did we improve on Event Pages?


One of the biggest visual changes we did was making the map and images more compact. You can still zoom in and out on the map and click on the dot to see the summary info box. We also squashed a couple of bugs with the mini calendar and page scrolling while we were at it.



To help with greater event discovery, we’ve added events to the bottom of the page that we think you might be interested in, based on the event that you’re viewing.



You can now also get custom event alerts for individual events at a time and date of your choosing. You could always get event alerts from your saved searches, but now if you come across a specific single event that you want an alert for, you can do this from the event details page. You’ll also be able to see if you’ve received any alerts for the event before and if so, set a reminder for it if you want to be notified of it again at a later date.



Did you know you can link events to a new or an existing project in PredictHQ? This gives you and those involved in your project a handy quick link back to the event details page to use as reference. You can do this pretty much any time you’re viewing an event by clicking Add To Project and that’s no different to when you’re viewing the event details page too.


And if an event has already been added to a project, you’ll see it appear under Associated Projects.

Let us know what you think about all the updates we’ve made to event pages and don’t forget to read up on why you should create your first project.