High Impact Events in January 2020

Dr. Ali Gazala
Data Scientist

True event visibility requires knowing more than the biggest events each month. Demand forecasting needs a full picture of events and how their impact compounds on demand so you can allocate your resources best.

Finding a handful of major events doesn’t provide enough insight for optimized staffing, pricing and marketing because it completely misses how events can overlap and cluster to create a much larger impact than anticipated.

We call these perfect storms of demand. They are hard to track manually as they are often made up of smaller events that on their own wouldn’t merit much attention. Most businesses only realise they are entering a perfect storm when they are selling out faster than usual while staff and customers are getting stressed.

Having full visibility of the events that impact your demand is important for accurate forecasting. While we highlight some of the highest impact events in these report, there are thousands of other major impact events as well as perfect storms of demand each month.

For example, Heimtextil is an international expo for home textiles that will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, next month. It draws in 70,000 attendees, mostly from other countries. It accounts for the first demand spike for the city in January 2020, but that is compounded by other events.

Our Predicted Impactful Events for Airlines

The following table highlights some of the events that will have high impact on air travel patterns during January 2020.

Heimtextil7 – 10 JanFrankfurt, Germany700000
CES7 – 10 JanLas Vegas, USA182000
Automässan15 – 18 JanGöteborg, Sweden16635
Australian Open20 Jan – 2 FebMelbourne, Australia780000
Winter X Games23 – 26 JanAspen, US117000
FITUR22 – 26 JanMadrid, Spain253000
IPM Essen28 – 31 JanEssen, Germany53000