HipChat Integration: Event Intelligence for Group and Private Chat

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The awesome integration which is HipChat and PredictHQ

Why HipChat?

We are huge fans of Atlassian, their community of users and how they develop amazing products to help teams around the world build what’s next. One of these products is called HipChat which is “Group and private chat, file sharing, and integrations”. Essentially it creates permanent or temporary rooms for projects, teams, clients or in our case global events for the appropriate people to collaborate on.

HipChat also offer many useful integrations from a developer’s essential API and monitoring platform Runscope, right through to a marketer’s go-to email platform Mailchimp. And now PredictHQ, the leading provider of global event intelligence (if we do say so ourselves). If your team needs to stay ahead of the curve and love using HipChat then our latest integration is for you.

Whether you’re planning a major deployment and need to avoid events that could impact your release date or you are part of a global marketing team that needs to plan out their promotional activity in different markets, event visibility is crucial. So combining the power of both HipChat and the PredictHQ Web App was a natural progression into awesomeness.

So What’s This Super Slick Integration About?

This HipChat integration gives you another room to receive notifications through for events from your saved searches and custom event alerts but also your project & task alerts too.

How to Set Up Your HipChat Integration

Step 1: Log in or Sign Up

Log into your PredictHQ web app or sign up if you haven’t got an account yet. By the way, our web app is totally free for the entire duration of our Beta period.

Step 2: Authorise HipChat

  1. Click your profile image in the header.
  2. Click Integrations.
  3. Click Authorise (for HipChat).
  4. On the authorisation screen, select the room that you want to set your integration up for.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click Approve.

Step 3: Configure Settings

You can now configure your settings by choosing what notifications you want posted to your HipChat room.

Pick from your saved searches, custom alerts (which includes individual event alerts as well as your project repeat reminders) and/or project & task alerts.

You can select specific saved searches and projects that you want alerts for feeding into HipChat in the drop down menu.

Make sure the alerts you want to receive in HipChat are switched “On” then click Save Changes.

An image of hipchat integration within PredictHQ

Tip: Project alerts are generally more personal than others, so consider not sending this activity into public rooms.

Step 4: Save Settings and You’re Done

After you save your configuration, it will be added to your configurations list where you can view a summary of your configuration or add another if you wish.

Image of Hipchat list configuration within PredicTHQ

More On the Way

Our list of integrations is only growing so expect more and more with other fantastic platforms. If there is one integration that you simply want ASAP then please don’t hesitate contacting us, let us know what it is and why.

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