Introducing our new Event Search API Pricing Plans

Yen Lim
Former Chief Product Officer

You wanted more flexible API pricing plans. We listened.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve listened to everyone’s feedback and learnt about the various use cases for our API. From ride-sharing driver apps displaying events to suggest where demand may occur, to calendar apps suggesting events for users – the applications for events integrated into your platforms are pretty wide and varied.

Previously we were only offering our data to customers rather than our API as a service. This was great for businesses wanting to use intelligent event data in their revenue management systems, or for those wanting to perform data modelling and analysis based on events so they could build better demand forecasting algorithms. However, our model didn’t cater for those wanting to use our API to simply layer the most relevant event data into their own applications.

What’s the benefit?

Well, to put it simply our Event Search API plans are structured based on consumption, as in the number of requests you believe you’ll need each month. The different plan options mean that you pay as your business needs grow. You’ll get 365 days event visibility window, 100 events per search, plus access to all categories and places on each of our plans.

  • Starter – 10k requests per month, 1k rpm rate limit

  • Standard – 100k requests per month, 2k rpm rate limit

  • Plus – 500k requests per month, 4k rpm rate limit

  • Premium – if the other plans don’t suit your needs, or you want an unlimited event visibility window, contact us for a quote and we’ll work something out for you.

Special offer

To celebrate the launch of our new consumption-based API pricing, we’re offering:


We’re firm believers of try before you buy, so, as always you’ll have a free 30-day trial to test things out to assess if we’re the right fit for you. During your free trial, you’ll have a 10k request quota (100 request rate limit) and 30 day event visibility window.

Need our data instead?

No problem. Like before, we’re still offering a data license. This option is for those wanting to store our events, or to use our events for data modeling and analysis. The data license is also suited to those wanting to enrich their own data set to produce and sell derivative works. Interested?