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Everyone manages their time differently

Some businesses require a much longer lead time for their team to plan and prepare for promotional activities while others may offer on-demand services where they can react to events much quicker. Often though, it’s just handy to know what events are on today in your location or markets that you look after. Plus when you’re dealing with all sorts of event categories from around the globe, you’ve also got to take into account all the different time zones. Things can get complicated pretty quickly, but not with PredictHQ.

These timely concerns are addressed with our two latest updates:

Same-Day Saved Search Notifications

Previously you could get alerts of events matching your Saved Searches anywhere from one day in advanced up to a year ahead of the event start date. Now, you can also get notifications on the same day as the event start date. This is great if you’re the kind of person or business who just wants to know about what events are on today.

Time Zone Displays

When you first sign up for PredictHQ, you let us know what time zone you’re in. So, when you’re looking up events in our platform we already account for this.

To help make things easier for you:

  • We present you information about the event’s time zone and your time zone on all event detail pages, quick views and even when you hover over event dates.
  • When you search events in PredictHQ’s web app, the events shown in your search results already take into account your time zone. You’ll see the date of the event but also the offset next to it or simply hover over the date to see the comparison between the event date and your local time zone.
  • For events where the date is the same regardless of time zones e.g. Christmas day is December 25th wherever you are, you won’t see any offset because the date is time zone agnostic.
  • For all the developers using our API, be sure to check out our Developer Documentation about time zones. This will be useful so you know which time zone to convert dates to (if needed). Just another reason why one global events API is better than many.

If you have any questions or feedback about these updates or PredictHQ in general, just get in touch and contact us.

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