Labels: Advanced Filtering For Events

Yen Lim
Former Chief Product Officer

Event Filtering Just Got More Advanced With Labels

Using PredictHQ, you can find out when events are happening (or have happened in the past) like school holidays, public holidays, observances, concerts, conferences, festivals, performing arts, sports, daylight savings, airport delays, severe weather and disasters. The list keeps growing!

You can specify the date period and location or even multiple locations at the same time when searching our global event data. This level of event visibility is great, but from feedback we’ve received, our users have told us that they want the option to be able to get even more specific than that. Rather than just looking up public holidays for example, sometimes you want to be able to filter by a specific type. Say, national public holidays. With labels, now you can do just that.

Filtering by labels is for the more advanced users out there that want to really dig down into the nitty gritty and refine their results to something quite granular. Care needs to be taken for when and how labels are used, but fear not! Read these 4 tips and you’ll be a labels-filtering-pro in no time.

Tip #1

Labels help give you very succinct information about an event. Every single event in PredictHQ has a label and some have multiple. This is what labels look like on event listings in search results:

Tip #2

Whether you’re on the Events page, Map or Calendar view, you can find the labels filter by clicking + Advanced filters.

Tip #3

If you’re looking at Public Holidays and just want to know which in your list are national/nation-wide public holidays then the label you should select would be “holiday-national”. You shouldn’t select an unrelated label, for example ‘observance-local’ since your selected category is Public Holidays and not Observances. Similarly, you shouldn’t select the label ‘hurricane’ when you’re looking at Public Holidays rather than the Severe Weather category otherwise you’ll end up with no results (not surprisingly right?)

So how do you know what label to filter by? Well, because labels get you down to a very granular filter, the easiest way is to do a search with your main filters first such as Category, Locations, PHQ Rank and Date then when looking at your results if you see a label appearing that you want just those results for, use the Labels filter to then refine. Alternatively, select all categories then filter just by specific labels to not be so constrained.

Tip #4

What’s with the ‘match’ options? Glad you asked

Match all selected labels means that when you hit that search button, each event listing in your list of results should contain all your selected labels.

For example, if you select the labels “holiday-national” and “holiday-religious” then you can expect to get results like this:

Match at least one selected label means that when you hit that search button, each event listing in your list of results should contain at least one of your selected labels.

For example, if you select the labels “holiday-national” and “holiday-religious” then you can expect to get results like

Bonus Tip

You can also save searches with labels too, just like how you would normally.

Let us know what you think about this new addition in the comments below and if you’ve got any questions for us, ask away.