Location Search – It’s Next Level

Published on October 29, 2015
Yen Lim
Former Chief Product Officer

Search. Suggest. Select.

When you’re looking up events, you want to be able to find what events are happening for a particular place right? Perhaps a country, region/state or city? You should be able to search, get some suggested place names and then select the ones that are of interest to you so you get the most relevant results possible. Well, that’s exactly what you can do with PredictHQ’s location search (in both the web app and API).

Looking up events for a particular place has just gotten faster and smarter.

Searching locations

You can search and filter events in PredictHQ. One of your filtering options is locations.

You can either do a location search using:

  1. All locations – which is essentially a global search or;

  2. Only the locations you select.

In the location filter, type out the name of the country, region/state or city that you’re looking for events for and a short list of suggestions will appear if there’s a possible location match based on what you’ve entered.

Suggested locations

  • Suggested locations appear as you type out the first few letters of the country, region/state or city name.

  • They appear under the heading Suggestions, just below where you type your location search in.

  • From the list of suggestions, you can add or remove locations that you’re interested in finding events for.

If you add any locations, these are known as your Selected Locations

Selecting locations

  • Select locations by clicking Add from the list of suggestions.

  • Locations which you’ve added appear under the heading Selected Locations.

  • Remove any unwanted locations individually by clicking Remove or;

  • Start over again by clicking Remove All.

  • If you have no locations selected, that’s the same as having all locations selected which the location search box will automatically update

When you’ve selected your locations, set your other filters like categories, PHQ Rank, date or keywords, then hit Search to find events that match your criteria. Want to save your search for quick access later or to get alerts for events that match your search criteria? Learn how to create a Saved Search.

Search defaults

Did you know you can set search defaults? This helps you to save time from refining your filters each time you’re looking up events in the web app. Your search defaults include categories, PHQ ranks and of course, locations too.

To update your search defaults:

  1. Log into PredictHQ.

  2. Click on your profile image in the header.

  3. Click Settings.

  4. Click Search Defaults.

  5. Update your preferences.

  6. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

More to come

We’ve got more improvements and tweaks up our sleeve to make location search and filtering even more intuitive like using location synonyms to deliver smarter suggestions.

So in the meantime, have a go, let us know what you think and how you’re finding event searching with PredictHQ.