Slack Integration: Event Intelligence Meets Messaging App

Campbell Brown
CEO & Co-Founder

Making Event Intelligence Accessible

We are refining PredictHQ every month, week, day, hour. From major iterations such as our event detail pages, to smaller ones like including the bullet point “Leading provider of global event intelligence” within our press kit. Our ability to quickly iterate, and adapt to user feedback allows us to build a product which is better, stronger, faster.

However, when we started this journey there was one clear objective that we knew would never change. It’s an objective which is constant by nature but a catalyst for change in practice and drives our innovation – making event intelligence accessible. We are not your typical Software as a Service (SaaS) business, far from it. We want our customers to be able to access event intelligence regardless of the platform they are using. So like us if Slack is something you use more than email and you would like event visibility within the same environment then it’s an integration that we will create.

Why #Slack?

If you follow our blog, you’ll know it’s no secret that all of us here at PredictHQ love Slack. It’s our team communication tool of choice for keeping us all informed no matter where we are in the world. From simple messaging right through to its many integrations to help with customer support, staging releases, unit testing. We use it religiously. We admit, we may be a wee bit obsessed. So, it’s only natural that a Slack integration was always in the pipelines to create a new way of receiving our notifications. And now, we’re proud to share that we’ve just released that integration for our users to enjoy too.

If you’re unfamiliar with Slack, firstly – you should check it out. Not only does Slack bring all your team communication together in one place with real-time messaging, archiving and deep search, it just works incredibly well. Plus it’s fun to use! Think back to the good old days of mIRC, ICQ and MSN messenger but apply it into a work context, bring it into the 21st century with stunningly simple UI/UX, a tonne more features and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Then you’ve got us. PredictHQ. Provider of global event visibility and pioneers of curing business-related FoMO since ages ago (well, since 2015). We help you to stay ahead of the curve and plan for upcoming events – especially the kind that can impact your business.

This Slack integration gives you another channel to receive notifications through for events from your saved searches and custom event alerts but also your project & task alerts too.

Tip: You may want to consider having a dedicated channel created in Slack to send your PredictHQ event notifications to, before setting up your Slack integration in PredictHQ

How To Set Up Your Slack Integration

Step 1: Log in or Sign Up

Log into your PredictHQ or sign up if you haven’t got an account yet.

Step 2: Authorize Slack

  1. Navigate to your Integrations page (you can reach this from the menu when you click on your avatar).

  2. Click Authorize.

  3. On the authorization screen, select your Slack team and channel that you want to set your integration up for.

  4. Click Authorize.

Step 3: Configure Settings

Choose what notifications you want posted to Slack. Pick from your saved searches, custom alerts (which includes individual event alerts as well as your project repeat reminders) and/or project & task alerts.

You can select specific saved searches and projects that you want alerts for feeding into Slack in the drop down menu

Tip: Project alerts are generally more personal than others, so consider not sending this activity into public channels.

Step 4: Save Settings and You’re Done!

After you’ve saved your configuration, it’ll be added to your configurations list where you can view a summary of your configuration or add another if you wish

Now that you’ve set your connection up, just sit back and wait for your PredictHQ alerts to feed into Slack.

Just the beginning

For us, this is just the beginning of our integration roadmap. We are working on connecting PredictHQ to some of the most popular and powerful platforms that exist today. If there is a particular platform you would like us to integrate with or you would like to integrate PredictHQ within your own platform then please don’t hesitate to contact us.