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Being the leading provider of global event intelligence means that we’re constantly innovating and releasing new features to help keep you ahead of the curve, always.

You can save searches and set custom event alerts so that you’ll get notified of events via the web app, email and even Slack. However, if you’ve been wanting to just star events to look at later, you’ll be pleased to know that you can do that too. Simply click the star icon on any event.Star an event

It’s a handy feature which will lead into one of our next releases – pushing starred events, projects and tasks into iCal/Google calendar. Be sure to keep up to date on this release and all future releases by subscribing to our newsletter, or join us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Access all your starred events, alerts and projects in your starred items list which you can get to by clicking on the star icon in the header of PredictHQ’s web app.

So, anytime you’re looking up events in PredictHQ and come across across a bunch that you wanna check out later, go on, star it.

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