Upcoming Events Email

Yen Lim
Former Chief Product Officer

New updates to your Upcoming Events Email

Event alerts created from your saved searches help you to stay ahead of the curve by knowing what events are coming up either days or weeks in advance. You can get these event notifications via email too so we’ve recently updated our Upcoming Events Email, making it more informative for you from the moment you lay your eyes on your inbox.

Updates Include:

  • Displaying up to 10 of your event alerts (previously it was only up to 6).

  • Displaying up to 5 of your saved searches so you can quickly check out what (and how many) events are coming up in the next 30 days.

  • The ability for you to jump straight into a saved search and edit the name and/or advanced notification setting.

  • The highest ranked event will appear in your email’s subject line.

  • Your subject line will also state how many events are coming up and often include a preview of what some of those events are.

  • A description in the email body will let you know how many other unread event alerts there are for you to check out in PredictHQ when there’s more than what is shown in your email.

Did you know?

  • You can choose between a daily or a weekly subscription for your Upcoming Events Email so you’re in control of the frequency.

  • In PredictHQ simply go to My Account to update your email notifications and subscriptions.


This is just one of the many things we’ve been working on recently but something else that’s pretty cool is an integration with one of our most beloved apps. You may have heard us drop their name a few times in other blog posts (hint: it starts with ‘S’ and ends with ‘lack’). It’s the beginning of many new integrations we have planned and forms part of our vision to make event intelligence more accessible within some of the worlds most popular platforms.

Below is a quick sneak peek of what we are currently testing internally.


Stay tuned for our next update!