We’ve Built A New Tab Chrome Extension: FOCUS

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FOCUS – It’s Free.

Opening a new tab in your browser window can be so plain and boring. You probably have that Google search box staring back at you but who really needs that when you can already search directly in the address bar? Heck, even when you try to type in that Google search box you get auto-bumped into another search box anyway! So, why not replace it with something a lot more useful, and a whole lot prettier?

We’d like you to meet FOCUS – the shiny new free-forever Chrome extension we’ve created. It’s our latest leap towards making event intelligence accessible for everyone. It’s also built using our API, just another powerful showcase of why one global events api is better than many.

Visit the Chrome web store to add FOCUS to your chrome browser today or just click:

Add to chrome button

Why have we built this New Tab Chrome Extension?

There are many different uses for event intelligence, from helping with business forecasting, planning your latest promotions or even being alerted to real-time events that could impact your business. Sometimes you also just need instant access to events happening in a certain city around the world whether you are traveling there or it’s where you call home.

That’s where FOCUS comes in. We have leveraged the power of our global events API to create a simple product which gives everyday users better event visibility no matter where they are in the world. Better yet, we have built in some nice little features, with more on the way, like our To-Do list feature which will allow you to create project or tasks all from within the new tab. Because you only need one login across all our products, these projects and tasks will also sit within the PredictHQ Web App in case you need to get the team involved.

FOCUS Features

Timeline of Events

  • When you open a new tab in your Chrome browser, you’ll get a timeline of the current week.
  • Click any day to see what events are happening for your location (concerts, public holidays, school holidays, observances, sports and more).
  • Every single PredictHQ event is ranked, so you’ll see events ranked from highest to lowest on each day within FOCUS.

New tab chrome extension event timeline

Stunning Imagery

  • Get greeted each day you open a new tab on your Chrome browser with a beautiful image from somewhere around the world.

New tab chrome extension stunning imagery

Location-based Events

  • Events are based on where you’re based so you’ll get to see what events are happening in your city, region/state or country.
  • Change your location settings to see what events are on in other places all around the world.

new tab chrome extension location based events

To-do List: Coming soon

new tab chrome extension to do list

What’s more, after you add FOCUS to Chrome, you can immediately use it without any sign up (guest mode). If you already have a PredictHQ account though, you can log in with it to get even more event visibility.

Don’t forget to visit the Chrome web store to add FOCUS to your chrome browser today or just click:

Add to chrome button

Feedback and ideas welcome

Also, if you feel like the chrome extension could do with another feature (we already have a few planned) or there is an idea you would like to share with us, then either comment below or contact us. We love hearing from our users and finding new ways to improve our products.

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