Event Search Subscription

This API subscription is for those simply wanting to search for events to display in their application.

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Filtered & ranked events

Our ranking algorithm assigns a rank to all events, so you can filter through the noise and focus on what's most relevant to your users. Use our API to find relevant events with a simple REST call, so you can effortlessly use them in your application.

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Geocoded events

Every piece of event data includes geocoordinates, so you can display events correctly in your application based on where they're taking place.

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Location search parameters

Search for events happening within a specific location using a latitude and longitude geocenter and radius, or airport codes (IATA, ICAO, UN/LOCODE). Our Places API also lets you search and filter events using named geographic features - particularly helpful when searching for events that apply to a continent, country, state, region, province, county or city.

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Geographical place scope

Get results containing events that apply to the parent and child places of a specified place with a place "scope" search, e.g. national, regional and local holidays that apply to a region.

Need events that apply specifically to a place? Use an "exact" place search instead.

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Events calendar endpoint

This endpoint contains aggregate counts of all active events for a date, so you can create a calendar heatmap that visually highlights days that have a lot of, or very few, events.

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Brand Safe

You can choose to exclude potentially brand-unsafe events from your search results. Potentially brand-unsafe events are included in search results by default.

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Simple, transparent pricing

Get started with our self-service Event Search today. Developer plan available. No tricks, no hassle - just results.

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Get started in minutes

Our API is REST-based and easy to understand, and we provide SDKs in Python and Javascript. After signing up to the API, simply create an application via the Developer Console and request an access token that will grant your access to the PredictHQ API and all the tools and resources that come with it. Our developer docs are straightforward and regularly updated to help you with your development.

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Our Data Sources

  • Commercial datasets

  • Validated open datasets

  • Curated data

  • Partner enrichment

  • News media

  • User generated data

“PredictHQ has been a fantastic resource. They were able to help us uncover the impact of events, from sporting games, concerts and conferences to the effects of weather and political activity. By utilizing these effects, we have developed our technology to offer Smart Insights based on predictions for incoming flows, revenues, and reviews.”

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Mirko Lalli Travel Appeal CEO and Founder

“PredictHQ demonstrated that they could reveal insights better than we could guess with our manual alerts. They were instrumental in driving up conversion rates further than we could imagine.”

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Mark von Nagy CIO at Online Republic

“PredictHQ has been an amazing partner in our goal to ensure our customers feel secure that they are getting the best nightly prices.”

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Andrew Kitchell CEO and Founder of Wheelhouse

2,118,226,167 data points, enriching events across 29,179 cities, accessed via 1 API

All our events are standardised, enriched, and ranked.

Let PredictHQ increase your event visibility and reduce your FoMO.