PredictHQ’s COVID-19 Response

The pandemic has drastically increased the need to run efficient operations and make the most of demand fluctuations. PredictHQ is helping our customers navigate the current chaos and prepare for the vaccine-fueled recovery with six new features.

The Challenge

The pandemic blew demand forecasting to pieces

Rolling day averages and previous year’s historical data are not enough for accurate demand forecasting at scale. Different restrictions, attitudes and ongoing events continue to impact demand yet are hard to track at scale. Looking to 2021, the recovery will be fragmented and hyper-localized.

Our Solution

Use quality external data to enable resilient, dynamic forecasting

Use forecast grade data to discover which events drive your demand and know as soon as these are scheduled or updated. Discovering your demand causal factors enables proactive, smarter planning and means you won’t miss opportunities to save money or boost sales.

  • Track Event Changes

    Know as soon as impactful events are scheduled or updated

  • Live TV Events

    Tap into the stay-at-home economy with this unique data source.

  • Updated rankings

    Understand how COVID-19 has impacted the attendance at events

    PredictHQ notifications

    Track new events and event changes

    An event alert platform built to keep you informed

    Use our Notifications platform to get immediate alerts when relevant, impactful events are scheduled, updated or postponed such as sports, concerts and expos.

    Live tv events

    Tap into the stay-at-home economy with Live TV Events

    Know which counties will have the most viewers ahead of time

    Harness the impactful demand catalyst of Live TV Events for better staffing, inventory and delivery planning. PredictHQ is the only source of predicted viewership, with county-by-county data, to ensure your store network is optimized for demand as it kicks in.

    PredictHQ Ranking System

    Accurately forecast impact into the “new normal”

    We’ve updated our rankings and predicted attendance for COVID-19

    PredictHQ verifies every event in our system and ranks it by predicted impact. We created a series of additional features within our models to factor in restrictions and consumer attitudes to update events’ predicted attendance figures so you can forecast confidently.

    Customer Stories

    Integrate PredictHQ into your COVID-19 recovery planning

    Learn how customers are integrating demand intelligence into their forecasting models and seeing value.

    There are always going to be things you’re not going to know ahead of time, especially with restaurant demand. The goal is to ensure they can help restaurants get the most accurate predictions possible, exactly when they need them to drive profitability.
    Read Lineup’s Story

    Resources to help you navigate the new normal

    PredictHQ is partnering with their customers to help them understand how to capture demand as consumer habits are changing

    • Don’t Throw Out 2020 Data

      Our chief data officer explains how to make your models smarter using the pandemic-impacted sales data.

    • Demand Planning

      COVID disrupted demand forecasitng, so here are five steps you can take right now to ensure more accurate forecasts.

    • Target Event Clusters

      Smaller events are recovering faster, and frequently cluster for unexpected impact.

    • Health Warnings

      Track all relevant and impactful health warnings with our global health warning coverage.

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