Discover 80 major events that will impact demand in 2023

Events impact people movement, footfall and demand - driving demand surges and sharp drops across the US every week. PredictHQ tracks millions of events that companies use in their demand planning and forecasting. This report shares 80 major events across the US this year to help teams make their plans as accurate, efficient and profitable as possible.

Event-driven demand surges are frequent, but can be frustrating and costly if you're not prepared. Ensuring these 80 events are in your demand forecasts enables you to have the right amount of staff, inventory and set the best pricing to make the most of sudden increase in footfall and demand.

  • Make sure your plans include these events
    We've chosen 80 of more than 40,100 that will have 5,000+ attendees in 2023. These 80 were chosen because they're high-impact, in key cities and are frequently the largest of several impactful events.
  • Prepare with smarter staffing and pricing plans
    Once you know which locations will be impacted, you can adjust your plans to make the most of the demand surge. We detail how companies use their advance knowledge of events to inform their staffing, pricing and inventory plans.
  • Understand how to use events for better forecasting
    Leading companies such as Domino's Pizza, Uber, Walgreens and Accor Hotels use PredictHQ's intelligent event data in their forecasting and planning. Learn how to discover which events drive your demand, and how to prepare for them.

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