Key 2021 dates and expected on-campus attendance for the USA’s 50 largest colleges

College attendance this year won't look like 2020, or 2019. It's critical companies that sell to young people access verified intelligence on each university’s expected on-campus attendance as well as all key dates to ensure their demand forecasts are accurate.

Think of colleges as magnets, attracting thousands of young people to them every year. Knowing when and how many will turn up is valuable insight, especially as the pandemic has disrupted the usual patterns significantly. To avoid costly forecasting errors, you need smart data to inform your strategies.

Yet each college has its own pandemic response and calendar of impactful events. Not sure where to start? This report shares key demand intelligence for spring and summer 2021 for the biggest 50 universities in the USA. Here’s what you’ll gain from this report:

  • Each college's percentage of students returning to campus
    Understand if the colleges near your stores are going fully remote or up to 60% of students returning to school.
  • Key dates of impactful events
    Know when each college's semester starts, ends, as well as spring breaks and exams, all of which can have major impact on demand.
  • How to reduce forecasting errors by using this data
    A concise guide on how to take these dates and insights and include them in your demand forecasting and planning.

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