Find out what's driving your demand and take control

One of the world's largest hotel companies found reducing forecasting errors could help them save millions in labor forecasting and pricing insight. Here's how they did it, and the simple process you can follow too.

Forecasting for hotels and accommodation products has never been easy. And 2021 is especially challenging, because both 2020 and pre-pandemic historical data won't help without external data.

Not sure where to start? Businesses must rely are smart data and machine learning to achieve greater forecasting accuracy. This report will take you through everything you need to know about using smart data to reduce forecasting errors:

  • How to reveal the drivers of hotel demand
    An increased flexible and dynamic approach to forecasting enables you to optimize your pricing and staffing
  • How to forecast demand with greater accuracy
    Improved accuracy enabled a leading global hotel chain to improve staffing, supply chain and revenue operations.
  • How to reduce forecasting errors
    Gain access to the four steps this major accommodation group is taking to decrease forecasting errors and save.

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