Verified 2021 event data for high-impact accommodation recovery strategies

It's been a long pandemic for accommodation providers, but the return of large, multi-day events across the USA presents an exciting opportunity to accelerate recovery strategies. This report details how to make the most of it, plus recovery trends and upcoming high-impact events in 2021 for hoteliers.

Predicting demand has always been challenging in the accommodation space. Especially in 2021, with historical demand patterns disrupted, consumer habits changed and a chaotic and uneven pandemic recovery to contend with.

Not sure where to start? Identifying demand-driving events in advance means you can ensure your staffing, pricing and packaging strategies match incoming demand, so you can make the most of every available opportunity. In this report, discover:

  • How hotel-impacting events are returning across the USA + UK
    Discover how large, multi-day events are returning compared to 2019 levels across the US, as well as in key US and European cities.
  • High impact event lists
    We list major upcoming events in locations that we know impact demand from our existing accommodation companies.
  • Understand sentiment towards key destinations
    PredictHQ partner The Data Appeal Company reveals key US city tourism trends in destinations related to online content published by visitors.

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