Navigating Demand Recovery in 2021 as a CIO

Demand over the past year has been unpredictable. Most businesses are looking for new ways to improve their forecasting strategies. Learn more about how CIOs are uniquely positioned to help.

2020 was a year of unpredictable demand and consumer behavior. Many businesses were left reeling as their forecasting models couldn't accurately predict demand patterns in such a volatile market.

Now, people are looking for new ways to build resilience into their models and update their operations and processes to be more flexible. As economies recover and open back up around the world, companies need to adapt to new consumer trends. This report on navigating demand recovery is geared towards CIOs looking for ways they can improve their forecasting strategies. However, it contains useful information for anyone interested in demand intelligence.

Download the report to learn more about the state of events and demand intelligence in 2021.

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