Find out which events will impact QSR demand in 2022

Quick service restaurants operate in an intensely complex and dynamic demand planning and forecasting environment. Factoring events in drives radically more accurate inventory planning and staff management, ensuring customers can always get their favorite items. Find out how 2022 is shaping up in this report.

Millions of people attend events every week across the USA, and many stop for a meal or snack along the way. From grabbing a bite post sports game, concert or on the way to a festival, through to the impact of college calendars, severe weather and school holidays, leading QSRs are using data to know and prepare for impactful events.

Discover how in this report:

  • Learn how QSRs use events
    Discover how to make the most of event-driven surges in demand, as well as minimize the disruption of event-driven drops in demand.
  • Explore how events are returning in 2022
    The pandemic blew demand patterns to pieces, so pinpointing impactful events in the first quarter of 2022 enables you to prepare in advance with certainty and the opportunity to make the most of them.
  • Deep dives into the event landscape for NYC, Las Vegas and Los Angeles
    Every city has a different event landscape, and differing responses to the pandemic recovery. Learn how three cities are bouncing back, and how to make the most of it.

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