Data Licence Pricing

This option is for those wanting to store our events, or to use our events for data modelling and analysis. The Data Licence is also suited to those wanting to enrich their own data set to produce and sell derivative works.

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Top benefits of using PredictHQ's Data

  • Download & store PredictHQ events
  • Use for data modelling & analysis
  • Produce derivative works
  • Save development & maintenance time
  • 16 categories (and growing)
  • All events ranked
  • Past events
  • Event Signals
  • Calendar endpoint
  • Radial search
  • Place search
  • IATA code search
  • SDKs available
  • Tableau Data Connector available
    • NB: We grant Data Licence trials on a case-by-case basis, therefore providing as much information as possible about your use-case will help with this process. We reserve the right to reject requests for Data Licence trials at our discretion.

What's the benefit?

Download, store, analyse, enrich

Save valuable development time by downloading and storing our events for your own local copy. Use our events for data modeling and analysis, or enriching your own dataset to produce and sell derivative works.

Suitable for:

  • Platforms which help to improve demand forecasting and pricing e.g. revenue management systems
  • Business Intelligence applications
  • High traffic consumer apps such as travel booking sites

...and so much more

Just need to search for events?

If you simply want to search for events to display in your application, and you don't need to download and store them for future use, check out our Event Search API option instead.

View Event Search API

What's the difference?

It really comes down to what makes the most sense for your business needs and what you're wanting to do with our event intelligence.

Data Licence

Make requests to your own stored copy.
e.g. build a better demand forecast algorithm.

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Common Questions

Find answers to all your Data Licence questions here. If we haven't covered what you're after, feel free to contact us.

  • Can I trial the Data Licence for free?
    We grant Data Licence trials on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, when applying for a trial, please provide as much information about your use-case as possible.
  • Can I download and store your events?
    If you have a Data Licence, yes you can.
  • Can I use your data to do data modelling and analysis?
    This is only allowed if you have an agreement with us under your Data Licence contract.
  • Can I produce and sell derivative works using your data?
    This is only allowed if you have an agreement with us under your Data Licence contract.


  • What’s the difference between storing and caching?
    “Storing” refers to any time a copy of PredictHQ Data (e.g. responses to API requests) is retained for later use. “Storing” is only allowed with a Data Licence. Read more
  • Can I take monthly data dumps?
    We do not provide data dumps, however, we recommend that you regularly refresh your local copy of our data because the data is not static. Metadata such as dates, ranks etc, can change, so you should frequently fetch updated events to make sure your copy is as up-to-date as possible.
  • What properties and parameters do you provide for filtering?
    Dates, categories, location and ranks to name a few. View all
  • Are there any restrictions on how many requests I can make?
    Unlike the Event Search API, there is no restriction on the number of requests you can make. However the maximum number of results per search is 100k.
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