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  • Increase event visibility
  • Minimise risk
  • Save time
  • Improve conversion
  • Reduce FoMO

Flexible Notifications

Get custom email & desktop notifications to reduce FoMO

We've poured our hearts and souls into creating this beautiful SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. So the last thing we want to do is annoy you with millions of notifications. That's why we've created an advanced notification centre that's ridiculously easy to use, so you can customise your notifications on your terms - and eradicate FoMO from your life.

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Event Weighting with PHQ Rank

Get visibility of events on your terms

Event data on its own doesn’t let you compare its effects with other things going on around the world. Is one event more or less important than another? How does an event impact the local population? PredictHQ enriches events with additional data which weights them according to what’s most relevant to your business.

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Event Signals

Predict what events will impact your business the most

It’s not enough just to aggregate, standardise, enrich, connect and rank events all in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform. Oh no. We also measure what events have impacted your business or market locations in the past, then forecast which ones are likely to in the future. We also predict optimal campaign lead time so you can increase ad spend when your customers are most likely to transact.

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Complete Visibility with Maps

Analyse event hot-spots geographically

Some people like to visualise their data geographically so they can see how events happening right outside their front door – or further afield – might affect their business. PredictHQ makes it super simple to see past, current or future events happening within an intuitive map.

  • Filter by Rank

    Quickly see the events that are most relevant to you and have the highest severity ranking.

  • Filter by Location

    Cut out the noise and focus on what locations matter to you, right down to city level.

  • Filter by Category

    Only display the event categories that you want to see.

  • Filter by Date

    View events from the past, present and future.

  • Saved Searches

    Use your saved searches as preset filters to quickly see what matters to you.

  • Create Projects

    Set up collaborative projects from associated events straight from the map view.

Team Collaboration with Projects

Manage projects with ease

Fortune-telling might be a pretty handy business skill to have, but the ability to remember all the awesome - and not so - events that have happened in the past would be pretty cool too. That's where PredictHQ comes in. Add your team members to a project, create and assign tasks, and add due dates, attachments, comments and descriptions, all through one simple interface. You can even associate events with particular projects. And better yet, just by setting a project reminder for your team, PredictHQ becomes your repository for important projects you've got to repeat year to year.

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John created a project for Independence Day

Zoe created a task for ad creative

Sam is working on the task for a landing page

Pippa completed ad creative and landing page designs

Tom has been assigned a display campaign task

Scheduled & Unscheduled Event Calendar

Get event visibility over a week, month or year

If you prefer to visualise your event data by date, we let you see scheduled or unscheduled events happening over a week, month or year.

  • Filter by Rank

    Quickly see the events that are most relevant to you and have the highest severity ranking.

  • Filter by Category

    Only display the event categories that you want to see.

  • Filter by Location

    Only interested in specific countries, regions or cities? Simply choose the ones you want.

  • Create Projects & Tasks

    Set up collaborative projects from associated events straight from your calendar.

  • Heat Map

    Assess at a glance which dates have a lot of events happening on them.

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Our Data Sources

  • Commercial datasets

  • Validated open datasets

  • Curated data

  • Partner enrichment

  • News media

  • User generated data

“PredictHQ has been a fantastic resource. They were able to help us uncover the impact of events, from sporting games, concerts and conferences to the effects of weather and political activity. By utilizing these effects, we have developed our technology to offer Smart Insights based on predictions for incoming flows, revenues, and reviews.”

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Mirko Lalli Travel Appeal CEO and Founder

“PredictHQ demonstrated that they could reveal insights better than we could guess with our manual alerts. They were instrumental in driving up conversion rates further than we could imagine.”

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Mark von Nagy CIO at Online Republic

“PredictHQ has been an amazing partner in our goal to ensure our customers feel secure that they are getting the best nightly prices.”

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Andrew Kitchell CEO and Founder of Wheelhouse

2,118,226,167 data points, enriching events across 29,179 cities, accessed via 1 API

All our events are standardised, enriched, and ranked.

Let PredictHQ increase your event visibility and reduce your FoMO.