PHQ Rank™

Ranking is a complex and evolving science. Our proprietary ranking algorithms incorporate past known attendance, entities such as venue capacity, performers and many other attributes. PHQ Rank™ helps you predict an event's impact so you can focus on what matters.

PHQ rank
PHQ rank

What is it?

PHQ Rank™ is our core rank, and available in all of our products. It is a log scale numerical value between 0 and 100 with a five-level hierarchical impact schema. It efficiently indicates the event's estimated impact.


  • 0-20 = Minor
  • 21-40 = Moderate
  • 41-60 = Important
  • 61-80 = Significant
  • 81-100 = Major

Why use it?

It's a quick and reliable way to know which events matter most that is easy to understand. And it's a scalable solution as you can incorporate it into forecasting and machine learning models.


  • A large Adele concert vs. a smaller UB40 concert
  • The Adele concert has major impact and is ranked 85
  • The UB40 concert has less impact and is ranked 45
  • Adele's concert is more relevant to you because it is more likely to impact your business.

How can I use it?

You can filter and sort on PHQ Rank™ using our API.

E.g. ?rank_level=4,5&sort=rank

You can also filter on PHQ Rank™ in the Web App.

Every single event has a PHQ Rank™ and it can be used in conjunction with other filters to retrieve events that are most relevant to your business.

For more details, read about how we estimate event impact.

Top 5 reasons why ranking matters

  • 1

    Accurately Predict Impact

    Ranked events enable you to filter and sort by predicted impact.
  • 2

    Extent of Impact

    Knowing the extent of potential impact means you can prepare and take advantage of every opportunity.
  • 3

    Prioritise and Prepare

    Simple yet effective way to compare events and decide how to focus your resources.
  • 4

    Intelligent Metadata

    It makes your own data analysis more insightful because you have intelligent metadata to use.
  • 5

    Smarter Decisions

    Ranked events give your demand forecasting and pricing models more context so your team makes better decisions.

Read about our other ranks

PHQ Rank™ is our core ranking but we've also got additional tailored ranks with more on the way.

Local Rank™

Represents the potential impact of an event on its local geographical area.

PHQ rank

Aviation Rank™

Represents the potential impact of an event on air travel.

PHQ rank

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