Improve site selection with local demand insights

Find the best locations possible for your business. Understanding how events impact certain regions on a granular, hyper local level gives companies the demand insight needed to determine whether a location will be successful long term, or not.

The Challenge

Site selection can make or break long-term success

Businesses that are considering expanding into new markets or opening additional locations know how difficult it is to identify opportunities in a popular and well-trafficked area while staying within budget. Buildings such as stores, hotels, quick serve restaurants, and parking garages often require a significant amount of space, which in prime locations in busy areas can be very expensive. This makes it difficult for these companies to find a location that is both affordable and likely to generate enough business to be profitable.

Our Solution

Leverage event data to identify hot spots – and dead zones – of demand

Leading companies are optimizing their site selection with event data by choosing locations based on demand from nearby venues and areas that have many events – such as severe weather, concerts, sports events, school holidays, and more. Events drive people movement and companies are using event data to determine how many people will be coming to specific locations for events, to better understand the level of competition in the area and the potential growth. This insight helps businesses make more informed decisions about site selection and develop strategies for attracting and retaining customers in the chosen location.


Understand local demand patterns at scale

Use global demand intelligence for insights into how events are impacting your potential locations of interest.


Leverage competitive intelligence

Quickly examine how events are impacting your local competitors.


Easily determine location suitability

Analyze local event impact to determine whether a site meets business and target market needs.


Evaluate the impact of seasonal demand

Identify and capitalize on rich pockets of seasonal demand.


Better understand local demand patterns at scale

Leading franchises in the fast casual restaurant space, accommodation industry, parking operators, and more rely on event-based demand insights from PredictHQ to optimize site selection. For example, if there are nearby venues and events that attract a large number of people, such as major sporting events or concerts, it can provide valuable information about the potential for success of a business at a particular location. This is because the event can serve as a sort of "trial run" for the area, giving businesses an idea of the level of foot traffic and customer interest they can expect at that location. PredictHQ ingests data from hundreds of different sources, comprising millions of data points, 24 hours a day – so you can scale up your analysis for potential areas of expansion across the globe.


Reveal how events impact your local competitors

Another challenge for many businesses is the need to consider local competition. Restaurants, parking lots, hotels and more business like these often rely on a steady flow of repeat customers. Establishing a business location in an area with a high density of similar businesses makes it particularly difficult to attract and retain customers, making the initial site selection crucial. You can use PredictHQ’s Location Insights tool to analyze how events may impact the competitive landscape, and could help or hinder competitors. Developing a clear picture of the competitive landscape is also useful when considering the potential for future growth and expansion, and for identifying opportunities to differentiate yourself from competitors.


Easily determine whether potential new locations suit your needs

Intelligent event data is used to identify areas with a high level of foot traffic or visibility, which can be crucial for businesses such as retailers that rely heavily on walk-in customers, or need to be easily seen by potential customers.

Additionally, local events can also provide important information about the infrastructure and resources available in a particular area, such as access to transportation, parking, and other amenities. This can help businesses determine whether a particular location is suitable for their needs, and the needs of their potential target market.


Identify and capitalize on rich pockets of seasonal demand

Demand intelligence provides insights into the potential impact of seasonal or event-based demand on a particular area. Event categories such as public holidays and school holidays drive demand significantly higher and lower than usual, creating opportunities for seasonal businesses to capitalize on these occasions. For example, businesses such as hotels and travel tech companies can identify areas that experience an influx of tourists during the summer months, or areas that will be affected by sporting events such as baseball or basketball seasons. Accurate insight into these demand catalysts helps businesses select new site locations based on predictable increases or decreases in demand.

Customer Stories

Unlock hyperlocal demand insights for site selection and more

Companies across industries use demand intelligence powered by geospatial data to identify areas with a high concentration of potential customers, providing valuable insight into the likelihood of success for a new business location.

Discover how industry leaders are leveraging demand insights at scale to achieve a wide variety of business goals.

The granularity and diversity of PredictHQ’s event categories has helped us get the full story, enabling us to identify and understand demand within individual neighborhoods at scale.
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