Quickly visualize the impact of events

Leverage existing business intelligence or visualization tools to surface intelligent event data and inform your teams of the impact of events.

The Challenge

Events are dynamic, constantly changing and vary dramatically depending on locations, making it hard to track patterns of impact at scale

Data is complex and without large data science teams and BI tools such as Tableau, Observable and others, companies often struggle to accurately interrupt data and get the true value of datasets. Event data is no exception. Finding and making sense of relevant events manually is an inefficient and costly use of your team’s time. So many teams don’t have visibility into events that are coming up around them, creating a huge gap in planning and operations efforts.

Our Solution

Easily visualize upcoming events or venue data through BIs tools

Having visibility into events coming up unlocks planning and operational efficiency opportunities. With thousands of events being scheduled, updated or changed daily, you need an automated solution. If you already have a BI tool that your organization uses and loves, you can easily connect our API to visualize intelligent event data through your existing tools. You can create graphs and charts to display patterns depending on location, event category, and more to make better business decisions.



Centralize and aggregate real-world event data.



Search for events specific to your geographies to determine what to focus on.



Make changes to planning or operations based on the dataset.

What is demand intelligence?


Centralize and aggregate

Have full context of upcoming events that may impact demand

Real-world event data is always changing, difficult to standardize, and often messy with duplicate events and spam. With PredictHQ, you can access millions of events across multiple event categories from hundreds of data sources. Start by checking out the event data in our dashboard called Control Center and then easily integrate our Demand Intelligence API into your existing BI tools.


Visualize events to identify what matters

Once you’ve integrated our API into your BI tool of choice, you can create graphs and charts to display patterns depending on location, event category, and more to make better business decisions. Maybe you want to focus on New York City first at it’s an important market for you and you want to pull together a visual that showcases all attendance-based events (think sports games, concerts, conferences) happening in New York City for a specific time frame. Pick and choose what event categories, locations, periods of time and expected impact of the events that you want to visualize. Need help determining which event categories to focus on? We have a free correlation analysis tool to determine the relationship between your historical demand and event data to help you understand the event categories to focus on.


Plan around upcoming events

Once you determine what events matter to you and you’ve integrated the data into your BI tools, you can plan around upcoming events. Intelligent event data will enable your team to prepare for surges in demand or mitigate losses when dips in demand are coming.

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