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Oracle OpenWorld

San FranciscoSun, 1 Oct  (5 days)

Independence Day

United StatesMon, 4 July

French Fry Fest

San FranciscoSat, 8 July


Beautiful simplicity out of chaos

Collecting disparate data sources into one central place is a headache that costs your business time and money. We make your life easier by handling the aggregation of historical, scheduled and unscheduled event data (such as severe weather, public holidays, school holidays, observances, sporting events, airport delays, concerts and natural disasters) from all over the world - and we're adding more data all the time.


Duplicate data, incorrect geocoding, no standardisation... the list goes on

Aggregating events from hundreds of different sources from around the world is just the beginning. We process and standardise the event data, including removing duplicates both within an individual source and across different sources, as well as filtering out spam events and correcting geocoding inconsistencies.


One-dimensional data made more awesome

Put simply, we turn one-dimensional information into a multifaceted data stream. Events from around the world are enriched with additional contextual data, which provides a deeper level of insight for your business at any time, date or location.

One-dimensional data made more awesome

Ranked Events

Not sure what events matter most?
Don’t worry - we’ve sorted them for you

No one wants to be hit with a fire hose of data they can't action. Our ranking algorithm predicts the relative impact of events so you can focus on what's most important.

Event Categories

We've got all major event categories covered globally, so you can rest assured that your business will enjoy optimal event visibility that gives you the results you need. Our data is sourced from a blend of trusted businesses who are specialists in their fields, plus for data that's super hard to find we even roll up our sleeves to manually collate and capture it. Bringing these data streams together into one accessible point is just the beginning of our event intelligence.

Our Data Sources

  • Commercial datasets

  • Validated open datasets

  • Curated data

  • Partner enrichment

  • News media

  • User generated data

“PredictHQ has been a fantastic resource. They were able to help us uncover the impact of events, from sporting games, concerts and conferences to the effects of weather and political activity. By utilizing these effects, we have developed our technology to offer Smart Insights based on predictions for incoming flows, revenues, and reviews.”

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Mirko Lalli Travel Appeal CEO and Founder

“PredictHQ demonstrated that they could reveal insights better than we could guess with our manual alerts. They were instrumental in driving up conversion rates further than we could imagine.”

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Mark von Nagy CIO at Online Republic

“PredictHQ has been an amazing partner in our goal to ensure our customers feel secure that they are getting the best nightly prices.”

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Andrew Kitchell CEO and Founder of Wheelhouse

2,118,226,167 data points, enriching events across 29,179 cities, accessed via 1 API

All our events are standardised, enriched, and ranked.

Let PredictHQ increase your event visibility and reduce your FoMO.