Yield more REVPAR and savings in 5 steps

The key to profitability for accommodation companies inevitably comes down to one question: How accurate is your demand forecast? Find out how to use event data in your pricing and packaging strategy to make the most of your occupancy and ensure higher revenue. This report unpacks how one of the world's leading hotel chains uses event data to drive $90 million per year in increased REVPAR and savings.

5 steps to yield more revpar

5 steps to yield more revpar

Discover how one of the world's largest hotel chains with 6,000+ properties used PredictHQ’s data to improve their forecasting accuracy to realize $90 million in potential savings and revenue optimization across three key areas:

  • More accurate guest arrival and departure forecasts

Learn how to use event data to calibrate staffing for smooth check-in and check-out during peak demand hours.

  • Improved food & beverage forecasting

Aligning inventory and staff schedules with incoming demand powers great service without surplus staff when they aren't needed.

  • Identifying $200k in missed REVPAR opportunities

Find out how to pinpoint opportunities where prices could be raised substantially to earn more from your inventory.

5 steps to yield more revpar