Data and intelligence to unlock event impact

Improve planning and forecasting by understanding the events near your locations that drive demand surges or drops for travel, retail, mobility and more businesses.

Event Types

We track 19 event categories across 4 types of events

  • Attendance-Based


    Scheduled Events

    • Sports
    • Festivals
    • Expos
    • Conferences
    • Concerts
    • Performing Arts
    • Community
  • Non-Attendance-Based


    Scheduled Events

    • School Holidays
    • Public Holidays
    • Academic Events
    • Observances
    • Politics
    • Daylight Savings
  • Unscheduled Events

    Unscheduled Events

    Live events updated every minute

    • Severe Weather
    • Natural Disasters
    • Terrorist Attacks
    • Health Warnings
    • Airport Delays
    • Protests Coming Soon
  • Live TV Events

    Live TV Events

    Televised events such as sports

    • Sports - Predicted viewership by county
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Improve your demand intelligence

The Power of Intelligent Event Data

Discover how our forecast grade events data can provide a competitive advantage for your business

Events that may impact your bottom line this week
Demand Intelligence

Events impact demand

Discover the impact on your demand with PredictHQ’s enriched event data

Make smarter business decisions with event data enrichment like Predicted Attendance, Predicted Event Spend, Predicted End Times, Polygons, and Rankings. You can access all of these today through our Web Application or our APIs.

Relevant insights per location

Understand event impact with Location Insights

PredictHQ’s Location Insights enables you to get an accurate picture of any unique location’s event driven demand. Upload your location of interest to identify event impact most relevant to your business and view these locations by date range or category.

Our data: your way

Demand intelligence your way

From searching for upcoming events to integrating our APIs directly into forecasting models, 
our customers access our demand intelligence the way that suits them best.

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