You can't prepare for what you can't see coming

Leading businesses across food retail, transport, travel and more use PredictHQ’s demand intelligence to understand the impact of events such as sports, expos, festivals, school holidays, severe weather and more to improve forecast accuracy and planning so they can adapt to the real-world with confidence.

What is demand intelligence?
What is demand intelligence?

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Demand Intelligence

Events impact demand

Billions lost every year from not knowing why

Go beyond "we had a spike here last month." Know why your demand fluctuations – both surges and drops – occur so you can prepare your staffing, inventory or pricing to make the most of each opportunity.

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Intelligent Data

Data quality comes first at PredictHQ

Get hours back each week: stop finding and fixing data

  • Highest Quality Data
    Real-world events data is notoriously messy. We’ve built 1,500+ models to process, clean, verify and standardize it from hundreds of sources.
  • Enriched + Ranked Events
    Teams and models need to know which events matter such as how many will attend and when the event ends. Many event sources lack these key details, which PredictHQ fixes.

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