Understand upcoming event impact with the PredictHQ Demand Surge Report

Events are major catalysts for people movement and demand – driving demand surges and sharp drops across the US every week. The PredictHQ Demand Surge Report provides weekly scores to let you know how impacted by events each major US city will be.

Demand Surge Report

Discover impactful events so you can make the most of them

Find out which cities will be most impacted by events this month so your teams can update your demand forecasting, planning and staffing. This report details the predicted economic impact and attendance of major events driving demand surges across the country so you can prepare for their impact.

  • Discover the busiest cities
  • Receive an overview of all cities likely to experience multi-day demand surges
  • Understand how to use events for better forecasting

PredictHQ uses predictive analytics to track millions of events worldwide, and companies use this data in their demand forecasting.

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