Understand upcoming event impact with the PredictHQ Event Index

Events impact people movement and demand - driving demand surges and sharp drops across the US every week. PredictHQ tracks millions of events and companies use this data in their demand planning and forecasting. The PredictHQ Event Index is a simple, weekly score out of 20 to let you know how impacted by events each major US city will be. Discover how it works here.

Find out which cities will be most impacted by events in May 2023 so your teams can update your demand forecasting, planning and staffing. This report shares the most impactful events driving the PredictHQ Event Index scores so you can identify which are near your locations and prepare for their impact. You can sign up to receive the monthly Event Index Report in your inbox here.

  • Discover the busiest cities
    Cities including Louisville, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, and more will experience major clusters of events that will drive demand surges. Find out what these events are, and how many people will attend.
  • Receive an overview of all cities likely to experience multi-day demand surges
    Discover which cities will experience demand surges and when, as well as how to identify the key events.
  • Understand how to use events for better forecasting
    Leading companies from Domino's Pizza, to Uber, to Accor Hotels use PredictHQ's intelligent event data in their forecasting and planning. Learn more about how events provide a deeper understanding of your demand, and how to make the most of it.

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