Expand your platform offering with intelligent event data

Discover how to integrate events into your platform to enhance planning, forecasting, and dynamic pricing for your end users. This report explores examples of how technology platforms across industries leverage intelligent event data to enhance their offering.

Technology Platforms

Empower your users to adapt quickly in a dynamic world

Technology platforms integrate event data to provide the depth of detail needed to accurately predict demand. This report explores how to identify relevant events for your users. It also explores how accommodation, on-demand delivery, and quick serve restaurants use intelligent event data with real-world examples.

  • Understand how events drive demand
    Discover the event categories that drive major impact for hotels, on-demand food and grocery delivery, and quick serve restaurants– and how platforms deliver these insights to them.
  • Give your users a competitive edge
    Understand how leading platforms across industries integrate event data to notify users in advance– giving them the opportunity to update their staffing, pricing, and inventory to maximize profits and minimize loss.
  • Incorporate events for better forecasting
    Changing consumer preferences has further complicated demand forecasting for most businesses. Learn how events provide a deeper understanding of your users’ customers and their behavior for more accurate forecasting.

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