How on-demand businesses use event data

Understanding impactful events in your neighborhoods is key to understanding demand and disruptions. Knowing this for each of your locations is not only possible, but highly profitable. The right kind of event data enables on-demand companies to plan better and provide quick service: retaining and growing their delivery network and happy customers.


Proactive planning for fewer delays and disruptions

On-demand businesses are complex, so the right data is critical. This report shows you how to preempt and avoid traffic/delays before they occur, mobilize delivery and independent worker networks in advance, and grow and retain independent worker networks through proactive enablement.

  • Understand the major demand drivers and disruptive events for on-demand
    Discover what kind of events drive major impact for on-demand transport, delivery and shopping companies, and how to find the most relevant ones for your locations at scale.
  • Learn from the best
    Understand how leading on-demand companies are using event data to proactively identify demand surges and disruptions before they occur, and update their driver/delivery network in advance.
  • Learn how you can use events to inform your existing forecasting + planning
    Demand intelligence is not designed to replace your existing processes but to make them much more accurate. Learn how pinpointing event impact enables your team to provide reliable, fast service for customers and build an engaged partner network.

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