How on-demand companies use event data for workforce optimization and network mobilization

On-demand industries operate in a highly dynamic and competitive space. The smarter (i.e. data driven) their core functions such as workforce optimization are, and how well they can mobilize gig workers, is make-or-break. This report explores how leading rideshare companies use event data for better staffing and partner planning, and you can too.

On-demand workforce and network optimization

Know upcoming impactful events so you can harness their impact

Discover which events drive demand for on-demand companies, and how leading apps use these to mobilize and retain gig economy workers and align their workforce optimization strategies to incoming demand.

  • Discover on-demand's most important events
    From sports to school holidays to severe weather, events impact different types of on-demand companies. Discover how 18 kinds of events impact transport, grocery + liquor delivery, hot meal delivery and more.
  • Learn how to use these insights in planning for shorter wait times
    Minimizing wait times for both your customers and your on-demand partners is a win for everyone. We share how leading companies use events to preempt peak demand periods and mobilize their network, as well as coordinate their staff investment.
  • Understand how to use events for better forecasting
    On-demand is different every day, yet reliability and rapid fulfilment is key. Learn how adding events - and the real-world awareness these provide - into your planning leads to better forecasting, better margins and happier customers, staff and partners.

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