Find out the levers you can pull to save $8.5M a year

A leading QSR customer found that reducing forecasting errors could help them save millions. Get access to these insights now and start to save.


Every day, tens of millions of consumers rely on quick serve restaurants to fill them up with minimal time and fuss. But anyone in the industry knows meeting the inevitable ebbs and flows in demand is far from simple.

Not sure where to start? Businesses must rely are smart data and machine learning to achieve greater forecasting accuracy. This report will take you through everything you need to know about using smart data to reduce forecasting errors. Here’s what you’ll gain from this report:

  • How to reveal the drivers of demand volatility
    An increased flexible and dynamic approach to forecasting enables you to optimize your operations.
  • How to forecast demand with greater accuracy
    Improved accuracy enabled a leading fast casual chain to improve staffing, supply chain and revenue operations.
  • How to reduce forecasting errors
    Gain access to the four steps a QSR leader took to decrease forecasting errors by 20%.

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