Take Control of the Impact of Severe Weather

You can’t control the weather, or predict when severe weather will occur. But you can respond faster and more accurately with the right external data. We've built a set of highly targeted set of features to enable national QSR and retailers to do exactly that. This report explains how to equip your teams and models with most up to date intelligence to update your demand plans and forecasts as severe weather events emerge.

Almost every business tracks weather, knowing it has some impact on demand. But some consistent feedback we hear from our customers is severe weather events drive the most impact, and were the hardest to know how to handle, as it was near impossible to update forecasting models in an automatic and accurate way given limitations to existing data.

Not any more. In this report we:

  • Explore why granular, evolving polygon location information is critical
    Events don't impact a state, city or even suburb uniformly, and they keep evolving. How to make sure you're using the best location data.
  • Understand the full impact of severe weather events
    A severe snow storm has different impact than an air quality warning, and both are distinct from the impact of a tornado.
  • Discover how to update your forecasts at scale for more accurate responses
    Our Demand Impact Pattern works identifies the impact of events before, during and after severe weather events, for accurate forecasts and major savings.

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