Smart Data: What Goes into Effective Demand Forecasting

Learn how to eliminate blind spots caused by demand volatility related to external events – and power precise demand predictions for your business at scale.

External data drives deeper business insights

Incorporating trusted, forecast-grade data from external sources provides a broader perspective and uncovers the cause of demand volatility, powering unprecedented levels of forecasting accuracy. Download the free guide to:

  • Learn key factors to look for in a data provider
    Explore key elements to consider when sourcing external forecast-grade data to ensure a high level of data quality, depth, and coverage.
  • Identify the external factors that impact your business the most
    Find out how to pinpoint the event types that have historically driven demand volatility for your business at the store level.
  • Understand how to use events for better forecasting
    Find out how leading companies are gaining a competitive edge by identifying potential risks and opportunities associated with upcoming events.

Download the free guide