Dive into the future of urban mobility with IBM SAMiS & PredictHQ

Data is the key to unlocking smarter, more sustainable urban spaces. Download our white paper to delve deeper into the world of data-driven urban planning, and explore how SAMiS is paving the way for smarter, safer cities of the future.

IBM White Paper

Urban Mobilty

How IBM, PredictHQ, and INRIX are transforming urban planning in Munich with data-driven insights

Imagine a city where first responders can anticipate and prevent accidents before they happen. IBM SAMiS is the cutting-edge prediction model that makes this a reality by accurately forecasting accident risk in Munich, Germany.

SAMiS uses PredictHQ event data, INRIX traffic flow data, and IBM's advanced ML models to inspire cities, public sector organizations, and anyone impacted by events to demonstrate new and innovative ways of combining data for smart city insights.


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