How QSR and food retail companies use event data for workforce optimization

Labor forecasting for quick serve restaurants is high-impact and difficult to get just right. With so many factors impacting footfall and demand, it's critical to ensure you have the right amount of staff scheduled to meet demand to keep customers happy – without wasting money on surplus staff. This report explores how leading restaurant chains use event data for better staffing, and you can too.

QSR labor optimization

More efficient labor: Align your staffing to incoming demand

Discover which events drive demand for QSR and fast casual dining companies, and how leading chains use event data to align their workforce optimization strategies to incoming demand, saving thousands each week with more accurate planning and forecasting.

  • Discover QSR and food retails most important events
    From sports to key college events to severe weather, many events impact QSRs. Discover how 18 kinds of events impact demand, driving it up or down in ways you can prepare for in advance.
  • Learn how to use these insights in planning for more efficient staffing
    Preempt peak demand periods and understanding will demand will drop means you can have the right amount of staff with the right mix of skill levels (and pay rates) in each store for its unique demand patterns.
  • Understand how to use events for better forecasting
    QSR and fast casual dining is different every day, yet reliability and rapid fulfilment is key. Learn how adding events - and the real-world awareness these provide - into your planning leads to better forecasting, better margins, happier customers and loyal staff.

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