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Event Harmonization Metrics

PredictHQ's Event Harmonization process includes a number of key metrics to measure the depth, quality, and accuracy of your own event data. This will help you understand your gaps, but more importantly your opportunities for improved demand intelligence.
  • Venue error rate
    Venue error rate
    Every attendance-based scheduled event will occur at a venue or a precise location. Ensure you have the correct venue data.
  • Event error rate
  • Total missing events
  • Missing events by predicted attendance
    Missing events by predicted attendance
  • Event state error rate
  • Start and end time error rate
    Start and end time error rate
    Some event data sources provide start times but end times are rarely included. PredictHQ verifies or predicts these details for every event.
  • Geo-coding error rate
    Geo-coding error rate
    At least 30% of the raw events PredictHQ aggregates have incorrect details, including incorrect geocoding.
  • Spam
  • Duplicates
    Duplicate events can seriously distort forecasting with false positives and break models.

Tracking events is complex, it's why we exist.

Our core business is to collect, verify and enrich data and we don't expect our customers to have it all figured out.

But we know that many customers have their own internal event database or collect data from a variety of sources. We've created a tool that easily compares datasets so you can quickly understand the gaps you might have in coverage or quality.

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