PredictHQ Features

PredictHQ'S AI-powered platform offers a variety of features designed to help you improve your demand forecasting and data-driven decision-making at scale.

Demand Impact Patterns

Understand leading and lagging event impact

Event-based demand can be volatile as some events drive an influx in demand before they begin and after they end. Use Demand Impact Patterns to predict demand fluctuations associated with various event types by flagging leading and lagging days, which are the days before and after an event occurs.
Event Categories

Track 19 categories of events worldwide

Accurate demand insights require deep and diverse coverage of event categories. Different types of events impact businesses in different ways. PredictHQ covers 19 major event categories worldwide, including everything from sports games, to conferences, to pubic holidays.
Event Categories
Live TV Events

Find Live TV Events driving demand for your business

PredictHQ's Live TV event data forecasts the viewership of major games at the county level including seven of the top US leagues and high-viewership sports. Use live TV event data to anticipate areas with high delivery demand, choose which games to play on your in-store TVs, and identify big games to target for promotions such as wing nights and team-based promotions.

Use Polygons to identify the area impacted by an event

Insight into individual events is useful, but many types of events don’t occur neatly at a point on a map. Use Polygons to track the impact of events that cover more than a single point on a map such as hurricanes, marathons, and parades.
Polygon Accurately Track
Predicted Attendance

Get reliable Predicted Attendance estimates

Venue capacity does not equal attendance. Most event data sources estimate attendance based on venue capacity, which is often inaccurate and leads to over forecasting. Use PredictHQ to see exactly how many people are predicted to attend events such as concerts, festivals, sports games, and more.
Predicted Events

Predict events before they're even announced

Predicted Events are events that haven't been scheduled or even announced yet, but are predicted to occur — based on years of historical event, demand and venue data. This provides a degree of probability for when and where these events will happen to enable you to plan well before anyone else - at scale.
Predicted Event Spend

Predict the economic impact of events

Events fuel billions of dollars in economic activity each year. Predicted Event Spend is a dollar figure that reflects the predicted amount of hospitality, accommodation, and transportation spend in an area as a result of a major event.
Predicted Event Spend integrated into PredictHQ's Daily Event Impact

Scale up your forecasting with event rankings

A major expo of 160,000 people is not the same as a 200-person community event. And the impact of a 5,000-person event is different in Aspen compared to New York. Our event ranking systems predict the impact of every event and assign each with a number on a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale.
Suggested Radius

Unlock increased relevancy with Suggested Radius

Your proximity to events and the impact these events will have varies by business and location. You want to identify impactful events specific to your business, which is hard when you’re not sure exactly where to draw the line for your catchment area. Suggested Radius is a feature built into our API and web application that solves this by providing quick, accurate radius recommendations specific to your industry and locations.
Suggested Radius Profile

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