Make restaurant forecasts more resilient with Demand Intelligence

You likely have an existing forecast model or platform, but are you incorporating the right external data sources? Leading QSRs use PredictHQ's API for more accurate staffing, inventory and demand planning.

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Calculate the Impact of Events on QSR Demand

Select any global qsr location to instantly estimate spend from nearby events

The Suggested Radius automatically returns the optimal radius based on your business type and the location that gives you just enough relevancy for your location, while excluding irrelevant events that likely wont have an impact.

Event Impact over next 90 days

  • Predicted Attendance

    The predicted number of people attending events within a location


  • Attended Events

    The sum total of Attended Events (e.g., sports, festivals, concerts, conferences, expos, and community)


  • Suggested Radius

    Suggested Radius is the optimal radius based on your business type and the location that gives you just enough relevancy for your location, while excluding irrelevant events that likely wont have an impact.


  • Predicted Event Spend (USD) - All Industries

    This figure is calculated from our core PredictHQ data, enriched by local economic indicators and partner data


  • Accommodation


  • Restaurants


  • Transportation


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The Challenge

Volatility makes it challenging to accurately forecast demand

Many demand forecasting models rely primarily on internal data to predict demand for their stores, so volatility can disrupt even the best laid plans significantly. Whether caused by events you weren't prepared or major shifts in consumer behavior, restaurants miss opportunities to drive profitability and create efficient operations when forecast models don’t factor in external data.

Our Solution

Use external intelligence to strengthen your demand forecasting model & reduce errors

Leading quick serve companies ingest external intelligence into their models to improve restaurant forecasting efforts. Whether it’s county-by-county TV viewership for NFL games, a nearby expo or cluster of community events, or severe weather data that impacts your store’s foot traffic, know event impact matters. PredictHQ's enriched data is the forecast-grade source of truth for anticipating event-driven demand volatility.


External Catalysts Unlocked

Gain insights into the external demand factors impacting your business


Staffing Operations Refined

Set up staffing schedules based on anticipated demand


Food Inventory Planned

Align food inventory and purchasing with your improved demand forecasts


Unlock external insights

Know more than "we had a spike here last month". Historical transaction data and seasonality guides forecasting direction, but accurate predictions need external data to make the most of each location's context.

PredictHQ's data covers 18+ event categories so your models are factoring in real world changes in footfall and demand. Whether that's conferences near by or TV viewership data, this context enables QSRs to understand what will impact food orders to better anticipate demand spikes or lulls.


Refine staffing schedules

Anticipated demand directly impacts how store managers set their staffing schedules. If you improve accuracy and reduce forecasting errors, you can better calibrate your workforce to demand.

Train forecasting models with demand intelligence to identify peak days. Now you can guarantee the best customer service for your customers without having too many employees on the clock.


Keep food inventory under control

Food waste is expensive and frustrating, but you can't risk out-of-stocks. Without insight into how external circumstances impact those inventory levels, your stores are running a serious risk of ingredient shortages or millions lost in wastage.

Improve your restaurant inventory management and keep food and waste costs under control by reducing forecasting errors and ensuring accuracy with demand intelligence.

Customer Stories

Accurate demand predictions drive profitability

Lineup uses PredictHQ's demand intelligence to reduce forecasting errors and improve model accuracy. During initial trials, Lineup’s forecasting was 35% more accurate when leveraging demand intelligence.

There are always going to be things you’re not going to know ahead of time, especially with restaurant demand. The goal is to ensure they can help restaurants get the most accurate predictions possible, exactly when they need them to drive profitability.
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