Unlock what events impact your demand

PredictHQ's Beam helps you identify what events have impacted your demand in the past, to help you make better decisions in the future.
What event types impact you most

Beam detects what's most relevant to you

Eliminate the guesswork of finding which events impact a specific location. Let Beam's advanced models correlate your demand with our extensive, verified, and intelligent event data in seconds to understand what drives your demand.


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Start getting value today

Two ways to use the power of Beam

Not only will you save time and ensure accurate results, but you'll decrease your time-to-value working with PredictHQ.

Demand depends on location

Every business and its locations are different

What events impact Airbnb demand might not impact Uber, and what events impact one Starbucks cafe, might not impact another Starbucks. Demand is fluid and changes based on location and industry. That's why we created Beam, to focus on what events impact you the most.

Immediately start planning based on output

Turn insights into action

Easily export your findings as reports and email them to your stakeholders. Or ingest the data via our suit of APIs for direct usage into your analytics or forecasting stack.

Privacy is crucial

Start seeing what impacts your location instantly and securely

In order to provide an accurate and customized output for the relationships between events and your demand, we use your historic transactional data to correlate your demand with historical events. Privacy and security are at the forefront of our decisions and your data will not be used for any purpose outside of this scope without prior agreement.

Powerful insights and visualization

Visualize your demand trends and find what makes them tick

With easy visuals and graphs, you can quickly see peak days that were associated with events. With Beam's "Impactful Days" toggle, you can easily spot the days in which your business was affected by nearby events.

Powered by the Beam correlation engine

Beam turns over a month of work into minutes

Start using Beam today

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