Higher yield and occupancy

Unexpected surges in demand hit even the most experienced demand forecasters. The sudden influx of bookings. The frantic rush to catchup and include an event in your plans and pricing. PredictHQ exists so you never miss a demand catalyst in your forecasting models.

The Challenge

Events have a major impact on bookings but are hard to track

Events drive billions in commerce in accommodation bookings. For example, IBM Think Conferences generates more than $60 million in accommodation bookings – and there are thousands of conferences that size every year. The challenge is events are dynamic and impossible to track manually ― especially the millions of recurring events that change date and location each time.

Our Solution

Go beyond trends – know which events are your demand catalysts

Let PredictHQ track high impact events for you. Our systems aggregate from hundreds of sources and verify half a million events worldwide each month. We then rank the events by impact using our proprietary models so you can know exactly which demand spikes to optimize for, long before bookings begin flowing in.


Increase RevPaR

Increase yield with packages guided by more accurate forecasting.


Discover New Demand

Reveal the events you’re missing out on by relying on historical demand only.


Smarter Staffing

Optimize staffing and additional services such as food + beverage.


Increase RevPAR

Factoring events into your forecast models enables you to optimize packages and pricing for significant increases in RevPAR and yield.

Starfleet Research found that a 10% improvement in forecasting accuracy translates into a 1.5 to 3% increase in revenue generated from smarter forecasts in your revenue management system.


Discover New Demand

You can’t prepare for what you don’t see coming.

Whether it’s an event that your competitors are dominating or a major recurring event that changes location or date each time (85% of recurring events do), PredictHQ’s demand intelligence reveals demand drivers most accommodation companies miss.


Smarter Staffing

Labor costs make up ~50% of hotel expense budgets so discovering exactly how many workers needed each day matters.

PredictHQ's feature engineering enables teams to understand each opportunity deeply. Use Local Rank™ and relevance parameters to quantify the difference in impact of a 750 person event next door, compared to a 2,000 person event five miles away.

curl -X GET "https://api.predicthq.com/v1/events/?relevance=local_rank,location_around,start_around,q&location_around.origin=47.6062,-122.3321&start_around.origin=2020-01-01&location_around.offset=1mi&active.gte=2020-01-01&category=concerts&country=US&q=jazz"
  -H "Accept: application/json"
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN"

Customer Stories

Achieve a 10% increase in RevPAR with our data like HQ revenue

HQ revenue started using PredictHQ's intelligent event data and were unable to unlock 10% increase in RevPAR for their customers, while saving 90% of their team's time identifying impactful events manually.

Hotels have a product with an expiration date. When you make the wrong decisions around a big event, that can cause thousands of dollars in missed revenue.
Read HQ revenue’s Story

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