Workforce Optimization with Events

Optimal staffing levels increase sales and drive efficient operations. Calibrate your strategies to demand to reduce labor cost and drive up profitability.

The Challenge

Labor costs are one of the largest expenses for businesses

Events impact business demand, which guides how staffing levels are set and reviewed. But understanding this concept is just the start. Real-world event data is always changing, difficult to standardize, and often messy with duplicate events and spam. This makes it challenging to factor into workforce optimization efforts.

Our Solution

Optimize staffing levels with intelligent event data

Demand intelligence helps data science teams identify their company’s demand causal factors with intelligent event data so you can determine lean working schedules that meet your sales targets and customers’ needs. Data science teams can use the intelligent event data API to access this dataset and train their forecasting models. Business managers can sign up for Notifications to get real-time event alerts that can help improve workforce optimization efforts.



Aggregate intelligent event data and establish correlation with historical demand.



Predict future demand based by incorporating relevant events into forecasting models.



Create employee schedules based on predicted peaks and dips in demand to create efficiencies.

What is demand intelligence?


Aggregate demand data and establish correlation

Uncover the catalysts causing demand fluctuations

Identifying the aggregate impact of historical event data helps businesses understand the true impact on a certain day. This makes correlating historical transactional data and demand events achievable.


Predict future demand

After correlation is defined, businesses gain visibility into which event categories – such as conferences or concerts – impact their business the most. Use the demand intelligence API to train your forecasting models to predict future demand based on the events most relevant to your business. Or set up event alerts with Notifications.


Optimize staffing to boost efficiency

Create staffing schedules directly aligned with predicted demand and deliver an ideal customer experience without overspending on labor. Workforce optimization is key to driving down overhead costs and creating efficiencies in your day-to-day operations.

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Customer Stories

Integrate PredictHQ and improve labor costs

Learn how customers are integrating demand intelligence into their forecasting models and seeing value.

Labor forecasts are 98% accurate, and thanks to machine learning, the forecasts continually get up to date, enabling organizations to make the best staffing and revenue decisions.
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