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Demand intelligence is a transformative input for forecasting that reduces error and missed opportunities. We work with select partners to enable more companies to create smarter forecasts at scale
  • “Incorporating PredictHQ’s localized data into our Demand Forecasting solutions can further enhance the accuracy at the Store/SKU/Week level to further reduce out-of-stocks and excess inventory.”

    Craig Silverman
  • “Airlines are large and complex businesses that have established processes, so it’s key to seamlessly integrate predictive analytics into the wider planning suite.”

    Benjamin Cany
    Head of Offer Optimization

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      We provide the external intelligence you need to create better forecasting solutions for your customers. Right now, we focus on partner integrations and partner solutions.

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          Whether that’s our data science documentation or our learning badges, we have the tools and resources to set partners up for success. Ask us about the resources you can start using today.

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