PredictHQ Notifications

Make smart decisions faster with relevant real-time alerts about events.
  • Seamlessly Access Data

    Seamlessly Access Data

    Get the value of intelligent event data without Data Science or Developer resources — no integration needed. Anyone in your organization can set up event alerts.

  • Get Value Quickly

    Get Value Quickly

    See and use the value of PredictHQ’s event data immediately. Once you validate the impact events have on your business, explore our API.

  • Save Time — Act Fast

    Save Time — Act Fast

    Receive immediate event updates when something unforeseen happens (e.g. hurricane) to make quick decisions when an event relevant to your business occurs.

Scenario 1

Centralized teams adapt ahead of Demand Surges

Centrally based operations teams that oversee demand at a country or region level can set up demand surge notifications whenever a site, city or state reaches a certain aggregate level of predicted attendance. Once the threshold is met, you can reach out to individual sites to prepare for the cluster of events that are expected to drive a perfect storm of demand.

Scenario 2

Store managers can update staffing schedules

If you manage a series of coffee shops, you need to know every time a high-impact event such as spring exams is coming so you can add more staff and stock. Set up event alerts so you are notified about impactful events as quickly as possible.

Scenario 3

City operations teams can send their drivers to high-demand locations

Maybe you work at a ride-sharing company and demand often skyrockets for sporting events, severe weather and music festivals. Set up event notifications to be alerted as soon as possible when these types of events are happening to be the first to know and plan accordingly.

Scenario 4

Revenue managers can alter prices quickly

Conferences impact demand at your hotel but you don’t have a way of knowing quickly when these events are scheduled, postponed or cancelled. Set up event alerts to be notified every time a conference is scheduled within a certain radius of your hotel to make fast pricing decisions. You can also set up event notifications to be alerted for unscheduled events, such as Health Warnings that will likely have a negative impact on demand.

Set up personal notifications

Top Notifications Features

PredictHQ’s Notifications platform was built to enable easy access to event data.
  • Unscheduled events alerts
  • Quick event alert adjustments
  • Instant update on event changes
  • Customizable frequency
  • Demand surge notifications
  • Less time spent on event research
  • Available for current customers
  • Access to all PHQ event categories

Customer Stories

Demand intelligence gets results

PredictHQ's customers include top companies from a variety of industries, including accommodation, transport, and retail. They're using our intelligent event data for labor optimization, dynamic pricing, demand forecasting, supply chain optimization and more.
Every moment matters in demand forecasting. Imagine finding out a couple of hours too late that say Coachella is scheduled for a different weekend in April than years past. That delay cost millions of dollars in a missed opportunity to update pricing and potentially more supply to reflect demand. With Notifications, we won't have to worry about this ever again for any event that impacts our business.

You can’t prepare for what you don’t see coming

Harness the power of demand intelligence

Knowing the impact of demand causal factors like events will transform your business. The American Society of Hematology has a $45M estimated economic impact — and that's only one event in one city.

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