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We've spent years building a unique, powerful data processing pipeline so you can access trustworthy, intelligent event data easily. Now data science teams can stop spending their time cleaning data, and focus on evolving their models.

Data Quality


Fetch event data from hundreds of sources.


Convert raw data into a standard format.


Combine duplicates into one reliable event.


Remove dirty data – such as spam – to ensure data accuracy.
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Fix and pinpoint location based on latitude, longitude and timezone tags.


Additional contextual data – including hundreds of entities – is added from proprietary sources for deeper insight.

Event Time

Start times are confirmed or added. End times are confirmed or we add accurate predicted end times.

Predicted Attendance

Venue capacity is not a proxy for estimating attendance. PHQ Attendance uses our entity systems and machine learning algorithms to accurately predict total attendees.


Identify each event's predicted impact and assign numeric values on a logarithmic scale between 0 and 100 to represent it. Learn about our proprietary rank types.
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Clean, accurate, intelligent data delivered directly to you

Easily and quickly access intelligent event data via our API, Notifications, Control Center or Data Exporter.


Quickly and accurately identify correlation between events and your demand to know which events will have the biggest impact on your business.
Quickly Find correlation with Beam

Precision Prediction
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Accurately predict demand and make strategic decisions around staffing, dynamic pricing, supply chain optimization and more.

30% of events are spam, add-ons or duplicates. Machine learning drives our spam filter ensuring this process is accurate at scale.

We've built immensely complex systems required to aggregate, cleanse, enrich and correlate events
Take the guess work out of anomalies impacting your demand forecasting and bottom line. Use our demand intelligence to better understand spikes in historical data so you can optimize forecasting and operations.

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